•  We ask that you read the COVID-19 page before registering and be prepared to provide payment or funding confirmation number upon registration.

  • Please Register through button below class descriptions starting August 1st.


Teddy Bears and Jelly Beans Ages 1 to 3 

This is a parent supported class with fun opportunities for guided exploration.

Dragonflies and Butterflies Ages 3 to 5

This class is a fun and exciting introduction to gymnastics through play and directed movement. Children must be able to participate independent of parent support. 

  • THURSDAY 11:30 to 12:15 275.0

  • Friday 10:15 to 11am 235.00


Jumping Jacks and Jill’s Ages: 5-8 years

In the Jumping Jacks and Jill’s class the focus is on fun and exploring movement and the equipment safely. Students will develop an understanding of the gymnastics principles of flexibility, strength, power and endurance.

  • Thursday 4 to 5:00pm 275.00 

  • Friday 11:15 to 12:15pm 235.00 

  • Friday 1to 2pm 235.00 

Grasshoppers and Tigers Ages: 8-11

Grasshoppers and Tigers is a fun and active class that will help build fundamental movement practices and safely develop strength, flexibility and confidence. This class requires no previous experience and will include activities for a range of ability and skill.

Wednesday 4 to 5:00pm 275.00 

Friday 2:30 to 3:30 235.00

Space Explorers Ages: 11 and up

Space Explorers is a class for maturing gymnasts who have skills they want to practice and develop. Practicing combinations of gymnastics movements and exploring the gym using developing skills is the focus of this fun and inclusive. Beginners are welcome.

Thursday 5:30 to 7:30 375.00