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Teddy Bears and Jelly Beans Ages: 1-3 years (must be walking)

Thursday 11:30 to 12:15  AND Friday 9:00 to 9:45 
The focus in TB & JB will be on activities that familiarize young participants with the gym and its equipment. Running, jumping, balancing, hanging and stretching will keep little bodies moving. Parental support and participation is required.

Dragonflies and Butterflies Ages: 3-5 years

Thursday and Fridays 10am to 10 to 10:45:

Young gymnasts will join in independent of parents in games and activities geared to develop strength and confidence through games, challenges and pure fun. No experience necessary.

Jumping Jacks and Jill’s Ages: 5-8 years

Thursday 4 to 5:30pm

Friday 1130 to 1pm
In the Jumping Jacks and Jill’s class the focus is on fun and exploring movement and the equipment safely. Students will develop an understanding of the gymnastics principles of flexibility, strength, power and endurance.

Grasshoppers and Tigers Ages: 8-11

Wednesday 4 to 6pm

Friday 1:30 to 3:30 pm
Grasshoppers and Tigers is a fun and active class that will help build fundamental movement practices and safely develop strength, flexibility and confidence. This class requires no previous experience and will include activities for a range of ability and skill.

Space Explorers Ages: 11 and up

Thursday 6 to 8pm
Space Explorers is a class for maturing gymnasts who have skills they want to practice and develop. . Practicing combinations of gymnastics movements and exploring the gym using developing skills is the focus of this fun and inclusive. Beginners are welcome. 

Interstellar - Invitational Friday 4 to6

Focused skill building and development of gymnastics based skills, Gymnasts will first work on conditioning, stretching and complex movements eventually leading to combinations and routines. This class is invitational, if you are interested email Rebecca:



Acro Yoga for Adults

WED 630-830 

Acroyoga is fun practice that cultivates community, trust, play, creativity, strength and flexibility among people. These weekly classes will cover a variety styles of acroyoga including L-basing, counter balances, thai massage, standing acro, partner stretching, dance lifts, conditioning and more! There are no prerequisites and you do not need to come with a partner. Learn how to fly, base and spot safely and smoothly! New to acroyoga? These classes are open to all levels but tailored to beginners.